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Under the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act 2010 there are available benefits administered by the U.S. Department of Education that are specifically designed to assist individuals with Federal Student Loans.

If you are one of the 40 million, and growing, borrowers of Federal Student Loans there may be an approved program out there for you.

Let our Student Loan Advisers at Processing Docs Solutions assist you in identifying the best types of government programs available for you that can provide payment relief and possible loan forgiveness.

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The Student Loan Advisers at Processing Docs Solutions will walk you through the process to accurately complete all the forms necessary that you must submit to the U.S. Department of Education in order to apply and qualify for these government benefits.

Speak to one of our advisers at Processing Docs Solutions to discuss your particular situation and to see how a Direct Consolidation Loan through the U.S. Department of Education could benefit you today.

  • Are you struggling to make your current Federal Student Loan payments?
  • Have you heard about Federal Student Loan forgiveness programs but not sure how they may apply to you?
  • Did you know that there are government programs through the U.S. Department of Education that are specifically designed to help borrowers of Federal Student loans?

Our Specialization

Call us today to discuss how to identify and accurately complete and apply for your government benefits under the Direct Consolidation Student Loan programs with the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Don’t be Intimidated by complicated government forms.
  • Not sure where to get the forms or which forms to complete?
  • Sick of reading through and filling out form after form?

Let the consultant at Processing Docs Solutions do the tedious work for you so you can take advantage of your benefits quickly.

Processing Docs Solutions will do all the work in completing all the forms you need to submit to the Department of Education to access the benefits that you are entitled to.

All applications are reviewed thoroughly by our team of experts. We guarantee you will qualify for the relief program we promised you – or we’ll give you 100% of your money back*.

Processing Docs Solutions is not a government agency. Processing Docs Solutions  is a for-profit document preparation company and is not affiliated with any state or government agency.The information provided is public in nature and is primarily sourced from the Department of Education. Processing Docs Solutions is a document preparation corporation and does not market, or in any way provide debt relief services to individuals. For more information please feel free to contact customer service or write to us at the address listed in the contact us page.

What Our Clients Say

Great start!!! I’m very excited in the period of time Processing Docs Solutions took in getting my debt resolved an lowering my monthly payments. I even was able to choose my payment date! Thanks, Processing Docs Solutions.
Margaret Curtis​
It has been a great experience to work with you guys. Keep up good works Processing Docs Solutions.
Matthew Fox​
I owe Processing Docs Solutions so much gratitude getting me enrolled in the forgiveness program. I'm now paying less on my monthly payments, and my credit looks even better.
Andre Cennt


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